On the Undeniable Influence of Black, Latino, Asians on Consumer Tech

Source: Pew Research Center
  1. Launch a crowd-funded campaign: Sites like Kickstarter, Republic, Angelist all make this possible and with limits newly increased from ~$1M to $5M, this is serious dough.
  2. Adopt diversity riders such as the CapTable Coalition or work with funds like Base 10’s Opportunity Fund if you want to benefit colleges that spawn creators.
  3. Setup Creator Funds: Pinterest, Tiktok, and Snapchat all have creator programs but they are more akin to stimulus programs, paying creators to build on their platform. It’s a good step but I’d like to see them take it a bit further and set aside a percentage of equity as Outschool* and Airbnb have.
  4. Adopt web3 community owned models like Friends with Benefits, Crypto, Culture and Society, and others that reward creators as owners through crypto-backed and blockchain based solutions




Hard work is never overrated. Always curious.

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Mercedes Bent

Mercedes Bent

Hard work is never overrated. Always curious.

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