I caught up with Lightspeed Scout and Founder and GP of RareBreed Partners, Mac Conwell, about his journey to VC and advice for aspiring investors. This is a continuation of Lightspeed’s new “Scout Spotlight” series showcasing our amazing Scouts, what they care about, and some lessons learned along the path to venture.

Me: Let’s start with who you are! What’s your story?

Mac: My name is McKeever Edward Conwell II, and I’m from Baltimore. Most people call me Mac. I went to Morgan State HBCU and studied computer science. My sophomore year, I got an internship with the Department of…

This story was first published on Business Insider, read it here: https://www.businessinsider.com/lightspeed-mercedes-bent-retail-investing-millennials-here-to-stay-2021-5

Retail investing apps have been getting a bad rap lately. As the market leader, Robinhood has been a magnet for much of that criticism.

The company got a black eye when it restricted trading during the height of the GameStop trading frenzy in January, and it has stumbled a few times since then.

But all that negative publicity may have actually helped Robinhood. Downloads of its trading app topped 2.1 million in February.

That’s significantly lower than at the height of GameStop mania, but still 55% higher than…

This story was first posted on Business Insider, check it out here

Halfway through my college career I nearly gave up studying economics. I hated how economists acted like we all operate inside an optimal, rational world. “Rational” is not the first word I’d use to describe human behavior.

But near the end of my sophomore year, I discovered behavioral economics. By looking at how human psychology affects consumer decisions, I realized that “irrational” behavior could be studied and designed around. Heck, it’s not even irrational — it’s just behavior.

Humans often make major financial decisions — like buying a…

I caught up with Lightspeed Scout and Co-founder and GP of The Community Fund, Lolita Taub, about her journey to VC and advice for aspiring investors. This kicks off Lightspeed’s new “Scout Spotlight” series showcasing our amazing Scouts, what they care about, and some lessons learned along the path to venture.

Me: Let’s start with who you are! What’s your story?

Lolita: I grew up underestimated as a first-generation Mexican-American, daughter to immigrants with a dream to give their family a better shot at life. My first-home was a garage that my dad turned into a one-bed apartment, and I…

By Mercedes Bent and Barry Eggers of Lightspeed Venture Partners and Nmachi Jidenma and Mike Vernal on behalf of Sequoia Capital.

Today, Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners are proud to announce our partnership with BLCK VC to support the next generation of Black investors through the BLCK VC Scout Network. The initiative is dedicated to training, mentoring and connecting current and aspiring Black scouts. BLCK VC is a leader in making venture capital more inclusive, and we are excited to join forces to increase venture participation for Black investors.

By recent estimates only 3% of venture capital investors are…

I’m frequently asked by founders which VCs invest in companies focused on learning or career mobility. I say “edtech” VCs as most of these investors are investing preK to gray including consumer, corporate, etc. not just K12 school sales.

The “edtech” VCs listed here are either focused on this space full-time or have strong theses about the space / have written about their interest in the space.

I’ve kept a running note in email drafts and google spreadsheets for years and decided to make it public. …

Mexico is the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world. Mexico earned the #1 spot ahead of India, China, Philippines, and Malaysia. This increase in online purchases means that Mexicans are increasingly looking for more ways to digitally pay.

In China, home grown digital payments companies like Alipay and WeChat Pay have the dominant share of e-commerce. In the rest of the world however, debit and credit cards are the way people shop online, including in the US. And so it is with Mexico as well.

While cash is still king in Mexico, card usage is growing rapidly. Mexican card…

Part II of my 2021 Edtech Outlook. Part I here.

In Part I, I wrote about where we’ve been and where we might be going in edtech. I thought I’d take a step back and share how we look at edtech at Lightspeed and how some of the trends we’re interested in have made it into our edtech portfolio at Lightspeed.

Given that we’re beginning to have a sizable education portfolio at Lightspeed, I wanted to share how we think about the sector and the companies in our portfolio.

This is Part I of my 2021 Edtech Outlook. Part II here.

The most tumultuous year in edtech history (2020) has come to a close. Earlier in 2020 I wrote about what I expected would change due to covid and we ended up investing in a number of new edtech companies at Lightspeed including Outschool and Forage. This year has made me love edtech even more. Education is the great equalizer, and I love fighting for the underdog.

In this post I wanted to share some of the trends I’m looking forward to in 2021 and how they’re informed by…

*despite popular belief, stocks do go down

Retail investing hit its zeitgeist moment in 2020 and interest continues to soar. As I write this in January 2021, google search trends show “investing” is at its second highest peak in the last 16 years, with the highest peak being March 2020. Similar trends can be seen for “call options” and “day trading.”

Mercedes Bent

Hard work is never overrated. Always curious.

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